Supports pet’s natural recovery from anxiety, stress, grief and compulsive behaviours.

A blend of herbal & homeopathic remedies to calm your pet without sedating them. Relax is one of the most popular calming remedies on the New Zealand market. Completely natural and yet so effective, it can be put into the water bowl or given orally every day without any risk of side effects.

Testimonial:  A Good Night's Sleep Dog “The BioPet Relax worked! We now have our dog sleeping through the night. We are a much happier household!” Jen B and family, Auckland.

Testimonial: A Relaxed Cat “We moved house recently and bought some BioPet Relax for Squeak our cat. Usually Squeak hides under the bed for a week after moving but this time she joined in our house warming party and seemed totally chilled out."  D Allen, Northcote

Testimonial: Happy Puppy “Your Relax drops are working like a charm for my young Chloe. We are delighted to have a relaxed ‘little girl’ in the house. It’s a super product!"  Jan & sisters, North Shore

Testimonial: Dog shows “BioPet Relax is outstanding. I use it at all the dog shows, not just on my dogs but on myself too.  Half the time i end up sharing it with other competitors.  I should sell it, I’d make a fortune!" K. C, Christchurch

Testimonial: Grieving Cat “Since the death of our beloved 15 year old moggie, our remaining cat had started wandering the house each night, yowling very loudly. It was an awful sound and she was clearly missing Simba. Our neighbour, who could hear her at night loaned us her bottle of BioPet Relax. We put some in her water dish and on her dinner and even the first night she was a little calmer. After four days on Biopet she was well and truly settled and the yowling had stopped. The effect of Relax was remarkable and we are terribly grateful to you for making such a special product." Diane T, North Shore.

Testimonial: New Cat Attitudes “We started off with two cats Mischief and Rascal (sisters). One of whom (Mischief) had issues from the start with her place in the pack and jealously problems between her owners and sister.  I can only wish that I had known about BioPet Relax then.  It took us over two months of her peeing on carpets to finally find a way to help her feel happy and content, though she still thinks too much!

At the age of 18 months we acquired a little boy (kitten).  For Mischief he was a blessing as it gave her purpose in life however, Rascal was very distressed.  She had already started having problems with her sister again and this sent her over the edge.  She started to disappear, except for dinner.  If you picked her up she growled and moaned and hissed.  If any of the other two cats came near her she swapped at them, hissed and spat.  She slept in the laundry alone.  It really was heart breaking as she was the happy little trooper before.  Then to top things off she started to spray inside the house on the curtains, walls and furniture.  I was chasing my tail everyday just cleaning up after her.  In turn Mischief started to spray to take back the dominance of the house.

Things were really out of control and we tried everything.  10 minutes a day with each cat, forced Rascal to sleep with us at night but locked the others out, leaving Mischief ‘done in’ and spraying.  Ratbag (kitten) was getting beaten up at every encounter with Rascal.  It was exhausting – it may sound silly but true!  Then it was suggested that we try BioPet Relax.

I kid you not, the FIRST WEEK we had three different little babies!!!!!  It really was AMAZING and such a relief.  Rascal started to hang around again, she was inside at night with us and she stayed for breakfast.  She is chatting and purring around me now as I write this at 2.20pm (was just unheard of).  To my real amazement in one week she was playing with the other two, sleeping with the other two, cuddling up and cleaning them!  In return Mischief to was completely different.  More calm and relaxed, stop thinking all the time and chilled out.  She is also cleaning and cuddling Rascal, which was just not happening.

The boy is the happiest of cats 24/7, but it’s really been great for him too with his nerves as he ventures out and sees other cats or hears new sounds.

I can not explain or express enough how much this BioPet Relax has helped us.  It is truly a saving grace and now we don’t have to look at splitting up the family.  No more spraying, no more fighting, just cuddling – happy – playful cats.  I will never let myself run out of BioPet Relax as it will be me who ends up needing it more!

Thanks so much to your team there as it’s so heart warming to see my precious babies happy and back to their little kitten selves!  Harmony!!!!!"  Rebecca van den Bos, Freemans bay

BioPet Relax